Wing tip is black on turkey

I opened my turkey this morning and found a dark wing tip and a small dark spot on the breast. I'm not sure if it's bruising or something else. Smells fine and there are no other issues. Is it safe to cook this way?

  • Posted by: Danelle
  • November 26, 2015


Kristen M. November 26, 2015
Hi Danelle, I think this is fairly common—it could be pigment spots from darker feathers, or something that happened in processing. If it smells fresh and it's otherwise been refrigerated and not past its sell-by date, I wouldn't be concerned.
Ali S. November 26, 2015
Seconding! Because I saw some birds at a meat shop I trust with dark wing tips.
Danelle November 26, 2015
Thank you both for your answers. We eneed up taking it back to the store and getting a new one. We talked to the butchered and showed him the bird and he also said it would have been fine to cook. Happy Thanksgiving!
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