is this eatable? i opened the wrapper on my turkey and saw that the skin around the neck looked moldy.,

the wings also have a few dark spots and the breast has a discolored look. reddish like bruised. Is it safe to eat?

Rosemary Chavarin


Rosemary C. November 22, 2017
the whole turkey looks discolored.

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702551 November 22, 2017
It does look rather bruised, something that happens during the poultry processing. Usually bruised poultry is reserved for industrial purposes (canned soup, etc.) and does not make it to the retail grocery stores.

I think you would be perfectly in your right to bring back the bird to the store where you got it from an ask for an exchange or refund.
Stephanie B. November 22, 2017
If there is mold on your meat then NO do not eat it.
702551 November 22, 2017
The folks here will be able to better assist you if you post photos of the bird.
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