Should I put my pumpkie pie back in the oven? I think it's too runny

I baked Meta Given's pumpkin pie for 35 minute but after 2 hours out it's still too runny. Would it ruin it to put it back in?

  • Posted by: inés
  • November 26, 2015


Ali S. November 26, 2015
Runny pie is a bummer. I'd put it in at a lower temperature for a gentler heat through—maybe 300°F.
inés November 26, 2015
Thanks, Ali. I will try that in a bit if it doesn't firm up (and cross my fingers it works!)
Sarah J. November 26, 2015
Also, custard pies often seem like they're too runny when you first take them out of the oven—a small circle in the center should actually still jiggle. It will set as it cools down (so you may be fine!).
Sarah J. November 26, 2015
How long has it been out of the oven?
inés November 26, 2015
It's been out for about 2 hours, so I was hoping it would have set more by now. I'll wait a little longer and then maybe put it back at a gentler heat if it's not better in an hour. Thank you!
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