Descoware bean pot

Anyone have experience using the Descoware bean pot? Performance? Is it a nightmare to clean?



Susan W. November 28, 2015
Anything Julia raved about, I'd go for. :) Have fun hunting.
Susan W. November 27, 2015
Are you speaking of the enameled cast iron cookware? My mom has one that she probably bought in the 60s when Julia Child raved about them on her show. It's definitely a workhorse in her kitchen. It's no harder to clean than my Le Creuset. They are no longer being made are they? I've seen them occasionally on eBay.
cowgirlculture November 28, 2015
Yes, I like the vintage look and since LC's bean pots are not made of cast iron I was considering a vintage Descoware one like Julia Child's. Thank you for your reply. I was hoping for a little positive feedback before I decided. :)
Dave January 21, 2024
I have 2 that are Enabled cast iron, a large orange one like Julia's at the displayed at the Smithsonian and a small yellow one.
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