chopping candied ginger

I am making a cookie recipe that calls for finely chopped candied ginger. I have tried a nut chopper. Nope. I tried freezing it and then the nut chopper. Nope.Should I chop it by hand? Any suggestions?

Lucia from Madison


KyeraL November 15, 2019
Tried a lot of ways, grating, cutting with knife and food processor. Huge fails. This worked, use thinner pieces of candied ginger. Cut with clean scissors half way up in small rows. Do not cut all the way to the end. Turn the ginger and cut on the side (criss crossing). Clean your scissors with warm soapy water and a brush often (tried oil, didn't work as well). Also add some sugar to cut ginger to keep it from re-sticking. Works like a charm.
AntoniaJames December 4, 2015
How finely do you need it chopped? If making cookies, etc., where the recipe calls for granulated sugar, and where the ginger is intended to give a bright flavor, but I don't necessarily want discernible bits, I very coarsely chop it, putting a tablespoon or so of sugar on top of it; then I pop it in the food processor with all of the granulated sugar called for and just blitz away. It works like a charm. (It takes a minute or so of continuous processing to break it down. Also, you might need to pull a piece or two off the sharp points of the steel blade, but I've never had a much of a problem with that.)

You can do the same thing to make ginger-scented sugar for sprinkling on muffins, sweet breakfast buns, etc. ;o)
QueenSashy December 4, 2015
I also chop by hand. Not my most favorite thing to do. I wet the ginger with my hands (and the knife from time to time) to help reduce the stickiness. And I also found that using big chef's knife makes the job easier.
HalfPint December 4, 2015
Oil your knife. The worse part of chopping candied ginger is how stink it gets. I personally don't think a mezzaluna makes chopping candied ginger any easier or faster.
Donna December 4, 2015
I find that a little cooking spray, such as Pam, applied to the knife blade makes chopping sticky things, like your ginger, a bit easier. It works well for dried fruit too.
Greenstuff December 4, 2015
I'd do it by hand. In the time you'd take to figure out another method, you'd already be finished and biting into a warm, gingery cookie.
Lucia F. December 4, 2015
You make a very good point!
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 4, 2015
Do you own a Mezzaluna? A super sharp knife would do it.
Lucia F. December 4, 2015
No but I will put that on my Christmas list. I do have the sharp knife.
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