Cookbook suggestions for an impatient cook

My sister likes to cook, but has no patience for a long list of ingredients. Are there any cookbooks that would appeal to a minimalist (with apologies to Mark Bittman)? Thanks.

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • December 9, 2015


Kristen W. December 10, 2015
'An Everlasting Meal" by Tamar Adler isn't exactly a cookbook, but more like a philosophy/methodology of cooking, much of which I think would work well for an impatient cook. I mean, she claims to have served plain bean broth to a guest who came for a meal - you don't get fewer ingredients than that!
Nancy December 10, 2015
Agree whole-heartedly. Everlasting Meal is a wonderful book for any cook. It's partly about how to run a kitchen and use all our wonderful food. BTW and you probably know, her model-inspiration was MFK Fisher's How to Cook a Wolf...
lloreen December 9, 2015
Alice Waters The Art of Simple Food has very few ingredients and produces lovely results...
DebJ December 9, 2015
Great ideas, everyone. Thanks so much!
amysarah December 9, 2015
Ditto Nigella Lawson. But as you mention, Mark Bittman is an obvious choice for simple, dependable recipes, e.g., How to Cook Everything and How to Cook Everything Fast. Alice Waters' Art of Simple Food is also full of recipes that depend on not lengthy but great quality ingredients, and straightforward technique.
HalfPint December 9, 2015
I would recommend Nigella Lawson's How to Be a Domestic Goddess. She's not into fiddle-y (her word) foods with long lists of ingredients. The format is more novel form than cookbook, but the recipes are mostly very good and easy. This was her first and it's my favorite.
Susan W. December 9, 2015
I agree. I have a daughter who is a bit of an inpatient cook. As much as she loves to eat good food, cooking stresses her out a little. She may or may not have been switched at birth. ;)
Cav December 9, 2015
I'd give her The Fat Duck cookbook, and a massive grin.
Nancy December 9, 2015
Consider Rozanne Gold, chef at the Rainbow Room, author of 12 cookbooks, award-winner etc who made a thing of 3 ingredient recipes (e.g., cooking, baking, healthy, for kids,).
The thing is, from 3 ingredients she often gets very impressive and complex-tasting results.
See her listings at Amazon in case one or more strikes you as good for your sister.
Cooking 1-2-3
Ali S. December 9, 2015
Have you seen Nigel Slater's EAT? Ingredient lists are so short, they don't exist!
HalfPint December 9, 2015
I also recommend Slater's Fast Food cookbook.
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