Advice on this truffle recipe

I'm looking to do a simple dark chocolate whisky truffle. I'd been planning on making this one, but I'm concerned that there's too much heavy cream and butter in comparison to the chocolate. Mainly, I'm worried it won't set well. Thoughts?



Shuna L. December 20, 2015
Hello Gibson 2011,

This is a recipe heavily dependent on the dark chocolate being very dark, because the ratio of liquid is very high. The "higher percentage the chocolate" the more firm your ganache is bound to be. Also the author is telling you to constantly put everything in the fridge, which means the ganache is super soft.

For the record, I never like to refrigerate my ganache, unless I have to. Also it is best to use a hand held blender or a food processor to incorporate/mount all the ingredients together.

Please add a pinch or more (to taste) of fine-grained, non-iodized sea salt to the finished ganache. It will help all the fat/richness make sense in the mouth, and that great whiskey flavor to shine through the dark chocolate. Also, you will want to look for the best cream you can buy, making sure it is not "ultra pasteurized." Make sure the only ingredient is cream.

GOOD EYE by the way! If I want a very firm ganache, my ratio is 1.5 or 2 parts chocolate : 1 part (total) liquid. Butter counts as a liquid in this recipe.

Obviously the higher alcohol content the spirit, the less firm the ganache will be, with or without refrigeration.
Gibson2011 December 13, 2015
So I made these last night (and I used a different less smoky whisky) and there was too much butter. It actually started rising to the top, so I scraped it off. Aside from having to do that, they taste great and I'm hoping the firm up pretty well.
rt21 December 12, 2015
I would say don't bring cream to a boil, simmer add to chocolate let it slowly melt add butter a little at a time ( you don't want it to melt into mixture) adding too much whiskey will prevent you're truffles from setting so less is more , good luck let us know how they turn out
QueenSashy December 11, 2015
Just as a sanity check -- here is a recipe by Jacques Torres, so the recipe you are using is not off the charts. On a different note, unless you are really after that signature Talisker smoky flavor, you may want to consider using different, not so peaty Scotch. I like Talisker in my glass but not in my truffles :)
702551 December 11, 2015
The recipe proportions look pretty reasonable, perhaps a bit heavy on the cream/butter, but nothing completely wacky.

A prudent skeptic would probably do a very small batch as a trial run.

Since this particular recipe is in metric measurements, scaling down is easy. I would divide the recipe ingredient amounts by five.
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