Fresh or dried pasta?

  • Posted by: mstv
  • December 12, 2015


Josh C. December 13, 2015
If you can find/make fresh garganelli, please use it. Otherwise, dried pasta is perfectly fine.
702551 December 12, 2015
All pasta initially starts out fresh. Drying is advantageous for distribution and storage, not taste. Pasta producers who make products intended to be dried will typically use different ingredients and recipes than those who make fresh pasta for immediate consumption.

That said the recipe advises the reader to cook the pasta according to the "package instructions." Now if you can find fresh garganelli in your grocery store, you're lucky. I've only seen the dried garganelli. Similar pastas (like penne) are usually dried.

By all means, if you can find fresh garganelli, use it over the dried stuff.
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