The seed catalogue questions have got me thinking. Any ultimate favorite tomato varieties out there? I always grow sungold cherry tomatoes, plus one or 2 larger tomatoes. I have yet to hit on a must grow big tomato, and would love suggestions for which to try this year.



Robin O. January 14, 2011
My favorites are Black Krim and Brandywine. For a cherry tomato a love Snow White.
innoabrd January 13, 2011
I'm kind of a crap gardener these days, but every now and again I coax a few fruit from a Black Krim and, well, that just sets the standard for me for fresh eating. Almost has its own saltiness...yum...
mainecook61 January 11, 2011
Brandywine, Pruden's Purple, Celebrity, and Japanese Black. Don't buy plants from Lowe's or Home Depot or other big box stores. That's one way blight makes it way into the Northeast, since the plants come from down south. Start your own or buy from your local greenhouse. In New England, Juliet makes a good plum; although they're small, they're plentiful.
casa-giardino January 11, 2011
I also Plum tomatoes San Marzano 2 - Franchi seeds
casa-giardino January 11, 2011
Being from NJ, we love NJ tomatoes.
aargersi January 11, 2011
It is HOT here - so I go with smaller / heat resistant varieties. Heatwave and Sweet Tangerine are my absolute favorite salad tomatoes - I order the seeds from Burpee. I also have great luck with Green Zebra and they are a nice change from red and orange. For cherry toms - Sweet 100 of course, and Sungold. I am also trying one called Red Lightening this year. My yellow pear grows HUGE and makes loads of tomatoes, but they are so hybridized they aren't as intensly flavored I think. I also love Black Krim (salad style). I have found some of the less common heirlooms to be a little tough to grow here in the Texas heat .... oh and for plum style, I am growing Juliette, and you can usually find a Roma plant - a good reliable one - at Lowe's! I am SO ready for SPRING!!!!
healthierkitchen January 11, 2011
I'd love to see the answers to this as I'm new to this. I'd love a recommendation for a great plum tomatofor sauces!
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