I think there are some ingredients missing from the list: How much salt should be added to the flour? How much of the butter goes in the batter &...

...how much in the buttercream? Same question for the heavy cream

Birthday lollipop cake
Recipe question for: Birthday lollipop cake


Oh S. December 20, 2015
Hi Annaperenna, I apologize for the confusion. Correct recipe has been reposted. Please check it out. Merry Christmas! :)
drbabs December 19, 2015
That is a gorgeous cake! I agree with trying to get info from the author directly, but I'd also be concerned about making a fancy cake where the instructions aren't clear. Molly Yeh has some gorgeous cake recipes on her blog, and the instructions are detailed and clear. http://mynameisyeh.com/recipes-list/
702551 December 19, 2015
I suggest you contact the recipe author directly. No one here knows more about the recipe than the actual author.

While often there are typos/transcription errors when authors post to Food52 (or other food sites), in this case it appears the author's recipe on her own blog has the same omissions:


Good luck.
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