Tea food for elderly British lady

I've invited a friend and her elderly mother for tea next week. My friend chose 11 AM as the time to accommodate her mom's best time of day. The complicating factors for me: Her mom is British, quite frail, and gluten-free. I'm at a loss as to what food to serve at that time. I'd rather not get into baking gluten-free Christmas cookies, etc. Help!

  • Posted by: ATL
  • December 19, 2015


Cav December 20, 2015
11 am is way to early for Tea. However, you can still offer much the same stuff. Which would be easier if the lady wasn't gluten free. Else it'd be Victoria Sponges, Sausage Rolls, Cucumber Sandwiches and Scones all washed down with Tea and Sherry.

It's probably best to ask your friend what to serve. She's probably had the same quandary herself.
Maedl December 20, 2015
Elevenses is an established mid morning break and usually a muffin or tea bread accompanies the tea. Perhaps an egg custard and coconut macaroons would work. You can also have a look at http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipes/tag-230/elevenses-recipes.aspx?o_is=LV_BC Most of the recipes use flour, but at least one or two use buckwheat flour in place of wheat flour, which would work.
ATL December 19, 2015
Good point. This lady doesn't have celiac and isn't sure she is really gluten-intolerant. It is more of a choice than medically necessary, but of course I honor that.
foofaraw December 19, 2015
Just a note, be careful of interpreting and giving her gluten free food from non gluten free kitchen. My friend is celiac and any food from non gluten free kitchen (even a whiff of leftover flour in the counter, etc) can cause her problem. She is just comfortable enough with me to tell me that she don't want homemade food from my kitchen. Usually she just don't even eat it after given.
So please make sure with your friend of what level of restriction her gluten free mom has.
ATL December 19, 2015
Thank you--all great ideas!
amysarah December 19, 2015
Bite sized crust-less quiches/mini frittatas. Purchased gluten-free crackers or thinly sliced toasted bread, topped with British cheese (farmhouse Cheddar, Shropshire or Stilton, etc.) and sliced pear/apple or chutney. Chocolates or dried apricots dipped in chocolate. Broiled bacon wrapped dates.
ATL December 19, 2015
Clarifying the British reference above--the British mother is probably particular about her tea and what is correct at that time of day.
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