I put too much butter in my salted butter caramels--what can I expect when they've cooled?

The recipe (from Essential NYT Cookbook) called for 6 T of butter , and I accidentally used 8 T. I've just poured the hot caramel into the greased pan to cool. What can I expect re texture, ability to cut, etc once the caramel cools?

  • Posted by: Randi
  • December 20, 2015


Randi December 21, 2015
Thanks. Science of cooking is fascinating. Here's what happened in case anyone is curious. As the caramel cooled the excess butter pooled at the top. I was able to pour much of it off. When it was 100% cooled I was able to scrape off the unabsorbed extra butter that had solidified. The caramels are delicious!
Shuna L. December 20, 2015
Hi Randi,
Depending on the method, they might leech out some of their fat and be a bit more slick. Or they may be softer. Or both, plus richer. I wouldn't worry about it too too much. Most people would credit you for making them better!
jonakocht December 20, 2015
They are likely to just be a bit softer than usual, but otherwise I wouldn't expect any drastic or unpalatable changes.
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