I just made Merril's apple cake (with caramel glaze). Can I leave it in the pan to cool?

I'm driving to NYC from Boston and think it will transport more safely in the pan. (I'll glaze it in NY tomorrow). However, the recipe says to take it out of the pan after 10 minutes to finish colling on a rack. Will it be too dry if I leave it in the pan to cool?

Nancy O'Leary


Merrill S. September 11, 2015
I agree with Susan W's suggestion -- if you can take it out to cool it and then put it back in to transport, I think that would be best.
Nancy O. September 11, 2015
Great idea! Smells and looks yummy--can't wait to glaze it and share with my family. Thanks!

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Susan W. September 11, 2015
It just will take longer to cool which is not necessarily a good thing with cakes. I've been known to take the cake out of the pan to cool and put it back in to transport it when I don't have a cake box or another appropriate container.
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