Can I roll these in the matcha sugar BEFORE baking?

Sarah Jampel
Matcha Snickerdoodles
Recipe question for: Matcha Snickerdoodles


Susan W. December 22, 2015
Here's the original recipe that has you gently toss the warm cookies in the sugar mixture after baking.
Susan W. December 22, 2015
I always roll my snickerdoodles in cinnamon sugar before baking at 400 degrees, that's how they form the lovely cracks on top that we expect to see. It also forms a sugary crust around the edges and the bottom. I'm thinking it's the matcha.
Sarah J. December 22, 2015
I think you must be right!
702551 December 22, 2015
Sugar melts at 320 degrees Fahrenheit and starts to caramelize around 340.

That explains why doughnuts are glazed or sprinkled with sugar *AFTER* frying. Also, the dusting of powdered sugar on countless desserts.

Chemistry prevents you from doing this, not some arcane mystery.
Sarah J. December 22, 2015
Right, thank you. Still, rolling the cookies after doesn't seem like the standard snickerdoodle practice, so I'm wondering where the difference lies. For example: and this Betty Crocker recipe:
Shuna L. December 20, 2015
Yes! Most cookie dough can be rolled in sugar before baking. But it's better to do this RIGHT before baking, as dough that is pre-sugared, and then put in the fridge, will melt and tends to become a sticky mess.
Sarah J. December 21, 2015
I tried a batch (the first batch) by rolling PRE bake and it actually didn't work! All of the sugar and matcha kind of melted and dissolved into the cookies. It stuck much better when I very, very gently used my hands to sprinkle and rub the sugar over the still-warm cookies. I wonder if it's because this recipe has a very high fat content in the dough? Mysterious!
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