What are your favorite make-ahead cookies or desserts?

I'm looking for something that can be baked tonight and served on Tuesday. Not a lot of freezer or refrigerator space available, so ideally something that can live at room temperature! Any ideas? I was thinking meringues or maybe the Chocolate Mochi Snack Cake?

Kelsey Fredston-Hermann


Nancy December 21, 2015
Pfeffernusse (spice cookies with a hit of pepper), oatmeal raisin cookies, gingerbread men, pistachio cookies (makes a nice Christmas display esp if you pair them with cranberry or dried cherry cookies), pecan sandies, rainbow crisps (on the borderline between cookies and crackers, lovely served with cheese and pepper jelly), anything with macadamia nuts.
Shuna L. December 20, 2015
A lot of cakes would be fine at room temperature, wrapped, until Tuesday. Cookies that get better with age tend to be really moist or really crisp. Meringue is ok if you can keep it super duper dry. Quick breads are also a great option, especially if they're moist like banana bread, or olive oil cake. You could also make ganache tonight, keep it at room temp, and make quick truffles on Tuesday. Serve with great coffee or tea and no one will complain!
Kelsey F. December 21, 2015
Thanks, Shauna! I realized that I usually make the meringues at 8000+ ft of elevation, where it's super dry and cold. Maybe not the best for rainy San Francisco!
702551 December 20, 2015
Gee, a lot of cookies are fine two days after baking, including standard sugar cookies, shortbread, chocolate chip, etc. Some are even better with some age like gingerbread/lebkuchen.

Poached fruit is also something that does okay with storage.

I would nix any pie/tart. Those are never as good after the day they are baked. Acceptable? Yes. Great? No.

Good luck.
Kelsey F. December 21, 2015
Thanks, CV! I have a shortbread-type cookie dough chilling out in the freezer and I'm hoping I'll have time to tackle the Linzer cookie dough tomorrow.
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