Cake/Dessert for approx. 30 people

So two very close friends (twins) are having a birthday party tonight. As a gift, I was thinking of baking something: Nothing too substantial since there will already be snacks, but enough to serve 32 (give or take) people. No ice cream, sadly: That was my original plan, but it's been raining since Wednesday so it kind of fell through. Any ideas?

Fredrik Backman


Windischgirl May 30, 2016
A slab pie. This time of year I'd make strawberry rhubarb, but high quality canned sour cherries make a wonderful pie as well. Blueberries are good too, if they are available in your area. Make it in a 11x17 inch pan and cut it into squares with a pizza cutter.

It can be made ahead and frozen raw. Other fillings are best when that fruit is in season.
HalfPint May 27, 2016
How about a large trifle?
dinner A. May 27, 2016
this rhubarb "snacking cake" from Deb Perelman (Smitten Kitchen):
It's one of my favorite cakes, is easily scaled up to larger/multiple sheets, and you can cut it into any size squares you like.
BerryBaby May 27, 2016
The Classic Seven Layer bar is always fun. I have made these for occasions when I'm asked to bring a dessert and people love them. Reminds them of their childhood. Betty Crocker (online) has the classic recipe and it is very easy to make. Makes one 9 x 12 pan.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 27, 2016
2-3 Sheet cakes might work.
Amy May 27, 2016
Bar cookies are always a good idea. 1/4 sheet pan can easily be cut into 32 pieces if you cut them 8x4. Or do a decked out chocolate chip cookie using 2 or three different chips instead of just chocolate (ie: white, dark and pb).
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