Lemon meringue cupcakes shelf life

Hi! I will be having a bake sale next month, and I really want to make lemon meringue cupcakes. Since I am a home baker I do not have access to professional kitchen nor do I have much storage. So, right now I am in a process of decided how and when I should make them. I would love to make them completely ready and decorated a day ahead and store at room temperature. However since I will be making them with lemon curd and French meringue, I am very unsure of shelf life and how I can store them best. I will be "torching" the meringue a bit. So maybe it would help with the shelf. I am a bit clueless and any tips and ideas are welcome!

Thank you in advance,

Paola Pedersen


Paola P. January 25, 2018
Oh my! Sorry for the typos. A Norwegian who is trying to write on a iPhone at 11 pm...
Paola P. January 25, 2018
I read the link you refering to before posting the question, so I kind of new the answer, but I had to double check with others to be sure.

I already have 4 others flavors that I am going to make, so I am really hoping to whip up some lemon meringue cupcakes. Maybe it will work if I bake them a day before and decorate them with freshly whipped merengue just before the sale.

Anyhow, thank you for your answer.
Nancy January 24, 2018
Food safety, not just taste and texture, might be at stake here.
Stilltasty.com recommends against storing lemon meringue pie at room temp more than two hours. Rather, 2-3 days maximum under refrigeration.
I would make them the morning of, and only enough to sell in under 2 hours
Or make another flavor/type that would hold safely at room temp.
Nancy January 24, 2018
Should read "Food safety is at stake here...
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