when and where can one purchase le creuset cookware at sale prices? does anyone have discount sites to recommend? know of any upcoming sales?



CaryNC January 14, 2011
I purchased two Tramontina dutch ovens from Walmart (of all places) after finding out it's what they use in America's Test Kitchen. I love them and they are much, much more affordable.

amysarah January 13, 2011
I have quite a few Le Crueset pots - 'sets' I got years ago as wedding gifts, several that were my Mom's (old, very well used - and still great) and a few 'seconds' I bought at Marshall's. In other words, I've never actually purchased one full price - and if there are flaws in my seconds, damned if I can find them. (Personally, I prefer having a motley collection to all matching colors - just not an all matching kind of girl, I guess.)
pierino January 13, 2011
Ditto on "seconds". I just bought a gas range with a "factory blemish" at a big discount. I can't find it. And what the hell, any kitchen tool I purchase will be blemished within an hour of its first use. On factory outlet stores, you really don't save anything. They're clustered together because all the brands are saving money on their leases. The prices aren't significantly lower. The advantage to you is that they are all in one location.
RobertaJ January 13, 2011
@kathleen440, not neccessarily ! The "seconds" are usually cosmetic imperfections that don't impact the performance. Obviously, the buyer should look at the piece carefully, and determine if the flaw (if it can be found) will impact the life/usefullness of the piece. Usually I can't find the reason the piece is a second. It may be as trivial as a color not precisely matching the standard. Or, it could be a gouge in the enamel. You just have to look at the piece, and see what's what, and make the choice. But you can find some absolute treasures at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Tuesday Morning for an obscenely low price. Just shop smart.
aussiefoodie January 12, 2011
You can always try the Williams-Sonoma outlets
pierino January 12, 2011
Here's the trick with Le Creuset pieces if you don't care about the colors---mine are all mismatched. Places like Sur La Table always put "last season's" colors on sale; like right now. Want something in plum or sage, well go get it while it lasts. Color has no effect on cooking.
virgieandhats January 12, 2011
I use LeCreuset for nearly all my winter cooking. So, it would be worth it for me to pay full price--but I have assembled an entirely cobalt-blue collection from a combination of ChefsCatalog, TJ Maxx, and the outlet store in Clinton, Connecticut! Remember, if the Le Creuset you have ever chips or breaks, you can return it for a repair or new piece, no questions asked. I have had remarkable experiences with LeCreuset; they really stand behind their products!
Summer O. January 12, 2011
There is a LeCreuset outlet store in North Georgia; you could also try the Williams-Sonoma outlet store nearest to you. Then there is always ebay.
susan G. January 12, 2011
I use enameled cast iron cookware for about half my cooking. I got a set about 40 years ago, from Cousance (France). I also have a good bit, that old or older, from Descoware (Belgium). I've found a couple in a resale shop, very reasonably. And finally -- I rescued a large frying pan from a trash can -- literally -- and took it home to salvage it. Point is: you don't have to have Le Creuset; a good quality pan can last productively for many years; and if you're open to happenstance, you can find deals... and gifts.
kathleen440 January 12, 2011
The stuff they carry at Home Goods/TJ Maxx/etc are seconds - they're fine for shorter-term use, but lower quality than the real thing, and you won't get the lifetime warranty. They also look a little weird - the sizes and colors are slightly different from the original items. I would try to hit up one of their outlet stores if you can (see link provided by Fantastic Mr Fox). I think it's worth paying for a "real" Le Creuset pot with the warranty - it will be expensive even on sale, but with proper care they will last for decades, which is cheaper in the long run anyway.
thebreukelenlife January 12, 2011
TJMaxx has the best deals I've ever seen. So good that a friend bought a piece from there for a housewarming. And that never happens.
casa-giardino January 12, 2011
I believe CSN stores.
Fantastic M. January 12, 2011
You can visit a Le Creuset Factory Outlet store in any of the locations listed here:

The two in NY are:

Tanger Outlet Center
1770 West Main Street,
Suite 509 Riverhead,
(631) 208.9400

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
889 Grapevine Court Central Valley,
(845) 928.4316
isabelita January 12, 2011
Zabars is a possibility and Broadway Panhandler both in New York City (Manhattan).
Dona January 12, 2011
I have bought LC on ebay.
amysarah January 12, 2011
Marshall's frequently has a fair amount of Le Crueset for very deep discounts. Only proviso is that you usually won't have much luck if you're looking for a specific piece - the stock is pretty random...best to go with an open-Crueset-seeking mind.
drbabs January 12, 2011
I saw several pieces of Le Creuset at TJMaxx yesterday. They were about 50% off retail.
healthierkitchen January 12, 2011
I think I just saw that Sur la Table is having a sale right now. Not sure how good it is though. Bloomingdale's also has great sales from time to time. the Le Creuset store where I live is not actually a discount outlet but they've been having 25% off if you have one near you. Someone there told me that with the actual discount outlets you don't get the lifetime guarantee that you get when you buy retail. Course I've yet to take them up on their guarantee...
testkitchenette January 12, 2011
In the US, Le Creuset is discouted at stores like Home Goods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. Le Creuset also has outlet stores...you can check the locations on their website I believe.
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