I'm making Genius Pork Shoulder Ragu using a 4.5 lb bone in pork loin. Do I need to make adjustments to the amount of liquid or cooking time?



702551 December 21, 2015
Ah, I did not catch the detail that this is a bone-in *LOIN.*

As Susan W. mentions, that's a pretty lean cut, not really suitable for this type of dish.

Since you already have the pork loin in hand, find a recipe that works for that cut, save this one for another day.
potstirrer December 21, 2015
I posted this after I had started the recipe (hence ticking the "urgent" box). It's officially a fail. Just took it out of the oven after two hours, and while it would shred, it's pretty dry. And the liquid hasn't reduced enough to make much of a ragu. I'm going to simmer it for a while and then add the dray meat back to see if that will at least make it edible. Annoyed the butcher would sell me a $20 piece of meat when I asked him if I could substitute it...
702551 December 21, 2015
Sorry to hear it's not working out. The meat will not get any better. I'd pull it out and try to reduce the liquid to a sauce consistency. If you want to partially salvage your efforts, I suggest you find some ground pork, brown that and add to your sauce toward the end.

I'd be apprehensive of using that butcher again. One can't sub pork loin for a shoulder roast, he should know that.
potstirrer December 21, 2015
Are you sure to cook it longer? Even though the size is bigger (largely because it has bones) I was thinking about the cut: loin vs. shoulder. The loin is much leaner and I fear it would dry out if I cook it longer.
Susan W. December 21, 2015
I'm not sure this will work. CV may not have caught that you bought a loin and not just a big bone in shoulder. Loin is lean and without the collagen that shoulder has. Do ask the author, but I think I'd find a recipe written for pork loin. If CV has experience cooking loin like that, hopefully he'll chime back in.
702551 December 21, 2015
It will work, you simply need to cook it longer. Your piece is basically twice the size as what's called for in the recipe.

Just cook the meat until it is done. With a meat thermometer, you will probably need to reach 180-190 degrees internal temperature.

I suggest you contact the recipe author for any tips about scaling up. After all, no one is going to know more about the recipe than the actual author.

Good luck.
potstirrer December 21, 2015
I'm not going to get the proper fall apartyness am I? Why oh why did my butcher say this would work??
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