Kitchen aid mixer broke this afternoon while kneading bread.

Please send your favorite cookie or cake recipes that I can make with a hand held mixer or a Cuisinart food processor.

Stephanie G
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1 Comment

Nancy December 24, 2015
What a bummer!
Pray for your oven, and that gremlins are not loose in your kitchen.
For cakes, most quick breads and baking powder treats (banana bread, scones with various fillings etc) do fine in a food processor, by hand mixer or by hand. Also those cakes with oil as the fat (see, for example, Alice Waters Olive Oil Sauternes Cake).
178 recipes here at food52 for banana bread:
150 recipes here for scones and variation:
As for bread, there is the no-knead series by Jim Lahey and his followers. 13 recipes here at food52:
Hope these ideas help...
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