How to mash canned beans without a food processor?

In my kitchen... there is nothing resembling a food processor or blender, but I'm trying to make hummus/mashed white bean dishes - anyone have a solution? Please and thank you :)

Gabriella Gricius


Kristen W. April 16, 2016
I think hands sounds like fun - the original kitchen tool!
HalfPint April 15, 2016
I would use one of those meat tenderizers with the square-ish heads.
HalfPint April 15, 2016
if you're really lacking any equipment, use a drinking glass or small jar. mash away.
Smaug April 15, 2016
In a pinch, you can do a good job with your bare hands.
BerryBaby April 16, 2016
I have heard many chefs refer to their hands as, "the best tools in the kitchen". I have to agree as well.
Stefania April 15, 2016
Fork it! :D
BerryBaby April 15, 2016
I use a good old fashioned fork. Smash them against the sides of the bowl. Been doing this for years with great results.
Ben M. April 15, 2016
If you have a mortar and pestle that would work. It is obviously more involved but not hard. Just a little time consuming. You might be able to use a ricer but it depends on how large the holes are in the ricer.
Susan L. April 15, 2016
You can use a food mill which is also good for mashing/ricing potatoes,, pureeing chillies, pureeing soups.

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The P. April 15, 2016
We use a potato masher. It does the job very well, but you need to realize that it will give the finished product a "rustic" texture, which may not be what you're looking for.
Gabriella G. April 16, 2016
Thanks! That's exactly the kind of texture I'm looking for in my life, so thank you :)
BerryBaby April 16, 2016
Great answer! I forgot about the potato masher.
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