What kind of wash can I use to give my vegan challah a nice shine? I've tried suggestions I found elsewhere: water, oil, corn starch. None of them shine like egg whites



lapadia September 16, 2010
A couple of thoughts:

Non-diastatic malt powder gives baked goods better flavor and a shinier, browner crust. It's used in everything from bagels to croissants to breakfast cereals. It can be found online at King Arthur.

In addition I use a butter flavor cooking spray (I like the Crisco brand), spray on before baking and again right out of the oven – attached an example of a bread I baked using the cooking spray...crisco brand gives shine and a nice extra flavor.
pottedherbs September 15, 2010
As an egg-allergic person I would also love to see your recipe!
allie September 15, 2010
Also, can you post your vegan challah? For vegan friends, I adapted an eggless challah from The Blessing of Bread by Maggie Glazer, but always am looking for more options.
allie September 15, 2010
Maple syrup!
Amanda H. September 15, 2010
Have you tried sugar and water (brushing it on toward the end of baking)?
TiggyBee September 15, 2010
Have you tried soy products? Milk or cream for example?
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