Hi, what's the difference between corn flour(not the white starch thickener) and corn meal?

  • Posted by: Laura
  • July 16, 2016


Nancy July 17, 2016
Laura - for leftover corn flour use your search agent, then on foods you use or like.
For example:
1) dusting foods like shrimp for deep frying
2) making crackers from scratch
3) make a butter cake
Smaug July 16, 2016
There was a discussion on this a while back- I believe that it emerged that "corn flour" was the Brittish term for corn starch.
Laura July 17, 2016
Hi, yes you're right. In the UK a tin of corn flour is American corn starch. The reason for my question is that I'm interested in corn bread and I'm guessing if l use polenta it will be the same as corn Meal, which is what the recipe states. But what to do with the yellow corn flour (made with corn) that I bought. I live in Cyprus, so most things "foreign" are imported from Europe.
pierino July 16, 2016
Corn flour is ground like flour. It can be used to make tortillas as well as a number of things. Corn meal is grainy and is used for things like grits, polenta, corn bread and so on.
Smaug July 16, 2016
The corn meal (masa harina)used to make tortillas is different, it's treated with lime.
pierino July 16, 2016
Good point. But it's still not corn starch. For example Bob's Red Mill does mill flour from white corn.
Smaug July 17, 2016
I merely reference a former discussion, in which several people with Brittish connections (and, per one of them, Wikipedia) affirmed that usage in Brittain. A hotline search shows that the subject has come up several times. Also not to beconfused with corn flower (Centaurea Cyanea), also kknown as Bachelor's Button.
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