I have a bottle of Sriracha sauce that has been refrigerated since I opened it in Dec., 2011. Used it this am and tasted fine. How long shou


  • Posted by: mickle
  • December 25, 2015


cookinalong December 28, 2015
I'm in the "toss it" camp. It's unlikely to be dangerous, but the deterioration of the flavor is noticeable. I just cleaned out my fridge before Christmas & tossed a few questionable condiments, Sriracha included. Even though we use a fair amt. of it, I think from now on I'll buy the smaller bottle to avoid waste.
Greenstuff December 26, 2015
I was in the camp of "it will last forever" until I did the taste test. Here's what I wrote on another hotline thread:

The Huy Fong sriracha in my refrigerator has a best by date of April 2011. The one I just bought has November 2017. Color: exactly the same. Texture: the old one is noticeably thicker, keeping its shape, while the newer one runs. Taste: Well…I’m definitely tossing the old one! It’s just hot, not too interesting, while the new one is much more vinegary, with flavors that almost remind me of tomatoes.
LeBec F. December 27, 2015
well, when I look for the information required to change my mind on something, or convince me of something, direct comparison is the very best information, so plse rescind my 'forever' and go with greenstuff's answer!
702551 December 26, 2015
Personally I'd pitch the bottle.

The acids in the sauce have been attacking the plastic for *FOUR* years. Even if the sauce isn't completely oxidized, who knows what sort of nasty chemicals have been leaching into the sauce as the plastic breaks down.

Sriracha is cheap. I'd change the bottle yearly, regardless of its appearance or taste.

But that's just me...
Susan W. December 26, 2015
Personally I would toss it. Not because it's dangerous, but because the quality of it has probably waned. My last bottle was just a little less than a year past its "best by" date. It had been refrigerated. I bought a new one and compared them. The new bottle had a lot more flavor. Somehow brighter. The old one was very flat in comparison.
Nancy December 25, 2015
This previous hotline thread might give you some useful information.
mickle December 25, 2015
How long should I keep using it?
LeBec F. December 26, 2015
even unrefrigerated, my answer is Forever.~ 99% hot chiles plus vinegar and a little sugar, right? @ is a solid preservative in its own right. you could pass that bottle on to your grandchildren with no cause for concern.
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