.What is the shelf life of commercial sriracha?

Is a three-year-old open bottle in a cupboard (not refrigerated) safe for consumption?

  • Posted by: mwb
  • December 31, 2011


Greenstuff January 27, 2015
Taste test:
The Huy Fong sriracha in my refrigerator has a best by date of April 2011. The one I just bought has November 2017. Color: exactly the same. Texture: the old one is noticeably thicker, keeping its shape, while the newer one runs. Taste: Well…I’m definitely tossing the old one! It’s just hot, not too interesting, while the new one is much more vinegary, with flavors that almost remind me of tomatoes.

Incidentally, the ingredient lists are exactly the same and do include preservatives. The old one has no storage recommendation, but the new one says to store in a cool, dry place. I’ll continue to keep mine in the refrigerator, as I (obviously!) don’t use it up too quickly. And replace it more often--almost 4 years past the best by date was pushing it!
Greenstuff January 25, 2015
This question is 3 years old, so that bottle would now be six! But really, not impossible. with the caveat that I DO refrigerate my commercial sriracha, its "best by" date is for 2011. There's been no change in color, and I haven't detected a change in flavor either. On the other hand, there's not much left, so I'll get a new bottle in the next couple of days and report in.

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pierino December 31, 2011
I've actually phoned the company that makes it and got kind of a vague answer. But three years, unrefrigerated must go into the bin straight away.
mwb December 31, 2011
bigpan December 31, 2011
Most things, regardless how much chemical preservatives are in it, should be donated to science rather than a guest's stomach. Buy some new.
Richard T. January 24, 2015
There are no chemical preservatives in sriracha.
jmburns December 31, 2011
The bottle has best if used by date embossed on the top portion. It is difficult to see but three years is too long. Better to be safe than puking in the New Year from bad sriracha.
Sam1148 December 31, 2011
Think of it like ketchup. However it's probably better to get a fresh bottle, if the color has darkened it really changes the taste.
It's pretty easy to find now, My publix has it and I've seen it at wal-mart.
DPNY July 31, 2015
I have a 1 1/2 yr. old bottle unrefrigerated. It has some funky looking residue cling on the used portion of the bottle. The color of the actual unused portion is a little darker in color, but tastes just fine! My husband will not use it because of the funky residue. I do - I grew up poor
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