Sriracha substitute?

I have no sriracha on hand. What can I use instead? I would like to make Helen's Spicy Shrimp, but if it is a key ingredient I will have to choose another recipe. I have hot sauce on hand, just not Sriracha.



mort R. March 30, 2015
Y'all left out the best sriracha replacement--Apinya sauces out of Virginia. They make a line of chili sauces that use Thai chilis and the flavors are much more complex than sriracha (just garlic) or any of the hot vinegars!!
Quinciferous May 13, 2012
It looks like a key ingredient with 1/3 cup called for. If you use a different hot sauce the flavor will be, well, different. You might try adding a little bit of brown sugar and some garlic to a garden-variety hot sauce to try to mimic the flavors in Sriracha.
pierino May 13, 2012
Sambal Olek would work or a Chinese style garlic/pepper blend. But if "hot sauce" (which covers a multitude of sins depending on the label) is all you have, then I wouldn't give up.
Maedl May 13, 2012
Read this description and tweak away:
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