Can I double this and then pour it all into a large baking pan and bake in the oven same as the recipe calls for?

  • Posted by: sjlongin
  • December 25, 2015


Susan W. December 26, 2015
I hope it worked well for you. It looks really good. I'm trying it soon.
sjlongin December 26, 2015
In the interest of less washing up, I ended up cooking one frittata in the pan I used to sauté the broccoli and the other in the pan I used to sauté the onions. Worked perfectly and was a huge hit. Wish I'd taken a pic cuz they looked as delicious as they tasted. Definitely make this!
Susan W. December 25, 2015
I think this would work as long as the pan is not too deep. Since you're skipping the stovetop quick cooking portion, I would heat your pan in the 400 degree oven.
sjlongin December 26, 2015
Thanks, Susan! Making this for a holiday brunch tomorrow morning so I really appreciate the quick answer!
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