Group Veggie steak potato oven bake- help!

I am making a large dinner with potatoes asparagus onion mushrooms and steak - two large foil pans in the oven - how do I cook this without some being soggy and some overcooked? Start taters first?

Hannah Nord
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1 Comment

Nancy March 15, 2020
First, separate the food by type (meat, potatoes, other veg).
Then, cook the asparagus, mushrooms & maybe onions (if you want to saute them), together. Remove from heat and hold.
Roast the potatoes with space and air between them. If you like, roast the onions (lightly trimmed, cut in halves or quarters).
Near or at end of potato cooking time, cook the steak on stove top (saute) or in oven (various method).
When steak is nearly done, warm other veg in microwave or serve lukewarm.
Serve cooked steak, roast potatoes, other veg.
Talk and have a nice evening.
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