This looks so delicious and I hope I can find some great clams and try this tomorrow night for dinner. My local store is likely to only have one t...

...ype of clam so I won't need to cook separate sauces for two different types. My question is whether it is okay to combine all the ingredients in one pan to cook just one type of clam? Or, do I need to split the clams between two pans with the two different broths/sauces? Thanks



cheese1227 December 31, 2015
If you are using full fat cream, you've got no issues. It won't break on you during the boiling process. But if you are lowering the fat content in anyway -- like with half and half -- then hold off adding the dairy until after your clams have opened.
Susan W. December 30, 2015
I would definitely just cook everything in one pan. Just an aside...6 clams per person would not be enough for anyone I know. The recipe serves 4. In my house, I would double the amount of clams. Maybe I'm clam greedy. :)
NotTooSweet December 30, 2015
Thanks Susan! I thought one pan would be fine but always appreciate a second opinion. And thanks for the suggestion about buying extra clams. I'm quite sure my husband could eat close to a dozen all by himself :). Thanks again and Happy New Year!
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