I baked blueberry muffins. After 1 hour of cooling off I discovered some wet mix inside the muffins. Can I reheat them? How long?

William Salupo


Nancy December 31, 2015
Agree with Shuna Lydon.
However, there may be a hack that salvages your partially cooked muffins.
Slice them horizontally (to exposed the middles). Put under a broiler or in a toaster oven. The top heat may warm the middles & give a nice toasty crust to the rest of the muffins, letting them serve as base for ice cream, whipped cream, jam, butter, etc.
Shuna L. December 30, 2015
You can sometimes re-heat baked goods if you find raw spots. Well, you can *always* do it, but it's likely you will sacrifice overall texture for one spot. Because the oven has to heat up again, and the muffin has already cooled down, it can take "too long" for the heat to really get in there, to re-bake the raw part.

You could always cut off the raw part and top it with whipped cream and compote... few people would complain about eating that!
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