When adding extra fruit to a muffin mix, should I alter the baking time or temperature.

I have an unopened 348ml can of Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce left over from Christmas. Can I add it to a muffin mix? If I can, what size muffin mix should I buy? A small mix for 6 regular muffins or 12 reg. muffins or 24 reg. muffins? Also should I bake them longer or change the recommended oven temperature? Thanks.



Miss_Karen January 13, 2020
If it were me,I would put them in a saucepan on low-medium heat and simmer them for a bit. This will thicken the liquid component. Then, I would use about 1/2 the amount and stir them into your muffin mix until barely combined. I might add a tablespoon or two of flour to the muffin mix. You can grind up the rest of the berries with a pinch of allspice and the zest of an orange & freeze it in a ziplock bag. (If you puree the berries, cooked or not, they make a good base for sauce for pork.)
patrickharley January 13, 2020
Wow. Some excellent suggestions and instructions. Thank you so much.
Nancy January 13, 2020
Patrick - first, there's no rush from a food safety point of view to use up the whole berry cranberry sauce.
But if, yes, you want to use them now, you can
- whizz them in a smoothie
- layer with nuts or cereal in yogurt for a breakfast dish or snack
- heat up with some butter to make a sauce for pancakes or waffles
- even pour some over muffins baked according to a box or recipe
patrickharley January 13, 2020
Thank you for your suggestions. I don't know why I didn't think of poring some over the muffins. Sometimes the answer can be right in front of you.
Happygoin January 12, 2020
That is going to seriously alter the muffin mix, adding much more liquid to it than in the instructions. I think I’d consider doing something savory with that cranberry sauce instead.
patrickharley January 13, 2020
I'm beginning to think your right. Thank you.
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