Okay I only have hamburger meat a lot of DIFFERNT vegetables and white rice and elbow noodles what can I make quick I'm so starved



Smaug January 4, 2016
There's always steak tartare- how hungry ARE you?
luvcookbooks January 4, 2016
Can you make meatballs? I think you could make a sauce with the vegetables of your choice, tomatoes, saute the meatballs and serve everything over the elbow noodles. Elbow noodles aren't really classic with meatballs but I don't see why they wouldn't soak up the juices from the sauce. Let us know what you made.
Mahogany January 4, 2016
Sounds good might try this . But I end up making a one skillet cheesy taco it was pretty good
Susan January 4, 2016
A billion things, limited only by your taste and the availability of spices, herbs, sauces, and other etcs. Follow your imagination.
Susan W. January 3, 2016
This is quick and easy and very tasty. Just sub with white rice and use the ingredients that you have.

Mahogany January 4, 2016
Omg I made this meal it was delightful and wasn't hard at all eat it with sour cream and you'll be in heaven
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