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plain chiffon cake

My husband believes that the only birthday cake worth making is a "plain chiffon cake". In other words, no mocha or pumpkin or other flavors added to it. Unfortunately, his mom is the only one with a copy of his grandma's recipe and she has left to go south for the winter. Does anyone here have a tried and tested "plain" chiffon cake recipe?

asked by ktr about 1 year ago
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Nancy is a trusted home cook.

added about 1 year ago

Here's one, pretty simple, that I rely on from the great baker Rose Levy Beranbaum:
Yes, it has orange juice and zest.
But original and traditional chiffon cake had flavorings beyond eggs oil & sugar:
On the third hand, there's no arguing with childhood memories & mama's recipe. Maybe this orange chiffon cake isn't plain enough for him. You could switch the flavor to lemon, if that helps.

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added about 1 year ago

That sounds great to me! I've had the recipe he grew up with, & I swear there can't even be vanilla in it. It'll never be his grandma's recipe but I'm sure he will appreciate the effort. Thanks!