plain chiffon cake

My husband believes that the only birthday cake worth making is a "plain chiffon cake". In other words, no mocha or pumpkin or other flavors added to it. Unfortunately, his mom is the only one with a copy of his grandma's recipe and she has left to go south for the winter. Does anyone here have a tried and tested "plain" chiffon cake recipe?

  • Posted by: ktr
  • January 6, 2016


Nancy January 6, 2016
Here's one, pretty simple, that I rely on from the great baker Rose Levy Beranbaum:
Yes, it has orange juice and zest.
But original and traditional chiffon cake had flavorings beyond eggs oil & sugar:
On the third hand, there's no arguing with childhood memories & mama's recipe. Maybe this orange chiffon cake isn't plain enough for him. You could switch the flavor to lemon, if that helps.
ktr January 6, 2016
That sounds great to me! I've had the recipe he grew up with, & I swear there can't even be vanilla in it. It'll never be his grandma's recipe but I'm sure he will appreciate the effort. Thanks!
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