White cake mix 5lbs bag making only one cake

I recieved a 5lb bag of white cake mix. Since i cant make a large number of cakes i need to know how much of the cake mix do I use to make one cake?

Andy Stoelting


Nancy December 15, 2019
Last thoughts, most boxed cake mixes are just over a lb in weight...so maybe divide your bulk 5 lb package into 5 containers, and use them one by one as you need to bake.
Nancy December 14, 2019
Another way to go - if this is a branded product, look for a recipe or directions on how to use at the manufacturer's website.
Nancy December 14, 2019
Have a look at this recipe (or others) for homemade white cake and adjust your use accordingly. Here, about 4 and 2/3 cup dries (flour, sugar, baking powder) mix with fat, milk, eggs and vanilla for a two layer cake - often the planned size of a cake from one box of mix.
And/or look at some other ideas of what to do with cake mix, since you seem to have received a few months' supply.
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