Boosting Healthfulness of This Dessert -What To Add?

I am experimenting with Black Thai Sticky Rice as I move to replace all white rice from my life. I love this black rice cooked in coconut milk with cardamom seeds and a bit of demerara. But coconut milk is wicked fatty, I know, and I will be trying a low fat coconut milk version. But what could I add to this pudding-like dish to significantly up its healthfulness. (No greens plse). Would wheat germ or chia seeeds or flaxmeal or prunes- be good for this goal or are there things with more nutritive punch I should consider? or maybe I'm just dreaming here? What would you suggest and why? Thank you v much for your help.

LeBec Fin


Nancy January 9, 2016
Adding to the chorus...agree with NOT going low fat. When people do that, recipes often lack satisfying mouth feel, so they eat more or more sweets. Better to have some fat and smaller portions, as cv & SusanW suggest.
I would serve with more tropical fruits & nuts/seeds, in addition to or in rotation with the mangos and cashews mentioned so far.
Natalie January 9, 2016
You could definite add flax for more fiber -- this will help make it more filling! I agree with those above who say not to skip out on the full-fat coconut milk. Fat is not to be feared. In fact, fuller fat products keep you fuller longer as well. Portion control.
SeasonToTaste January 9, 2016
For more nutrients, but not necessarily lower fat, you might consider soaked and pureed cashews. A dried fruit would be an authentic add-in. And if you really want to lighten it, how about something like pumpkin or some other winter squash?
Susan W. January 9, 2016
Personally, I would not switch to low fat. I would go for smaller portions instead. My brother, who lives in Bali part time, makes it with palm sugar and tops it with Mango (sometimes from my Mom's tree in San Diego) or persimmon and chopped macadamia nuts. Sometimes he goes wild and toasts up some unsweetened coconut to sprinkle on top.
rt21 January 9, 2016
How about topping with some toasted nuts for crunch and added protein
702551 January 9, 2016
Halve the serving portion and add some fresh fruit.

That's the easiest way to make this more nutritious and healthier without compromising the integrity of the rice dish.

Small portions of rich things. The French and Viennese eat pastries. The Italy is the home of pasta. But they don't bust their guts with mountains of this stuff.
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