chinese creamy coconut jelly/pudding recipe

I have discovered and fallen hard for the low fat/ non dairy chinese jelly/pudding. the version i seek is jelled but creamy and i've only had it served, pre-formed, in clear plastic dessert cups. i believe it is the same ingredients as the more firm 'coconut jelly' served in molded leaf shapes and 2 layer diamonds: coconut milk, sugar, gelatin or agar agar, i will add matcha tea concentrate . and play with other sand box ideas, like adzuki paste, black sesame... Could you provide a recipe? i ask because it's hard to tell texture from web photos. thx so much!

LeBec Fin


HalfPint March 9, 2019
My Viet mother use to these coconut jellies with agar agar. As I recall, she used the agar agar that came in long strands that look like plastic gift wrapping twine. Unfortunately like a lot of great cooks, she didn’t measure out anything. Just cooked by feel and experience. I just remember her dissolving the agar agar (~10-20strands) in a pot of hot water, sweetened it to taste with sugar and added a little bit of full fat coconut milk from a can. If we had any, she would also add a few drops of pandas or banana extract. Then the jelly mixture was poured into molds or cups. A few drops of food color was addedwhener she wanted it to look pretty (usually red or green). Sometimes she would make coffee jelly. I always preferred that over Jello because the texture was firmer.
HalfPint March 9, 2019
Pandan m, not pandas ;)
LeBec F. March 9, 2019
MGP [multi gallon powerhouse], you mean you preferred your mom's because jello was too firm, right?
Lori T. March 7, 2019
I think what you are after is a recipe for what is commonly called almond or tofu jelly. It's a pretty iconic snack/dessert in most of the Oriental countries, from Thailand, China, Korea, to Japan. It's most always thickened and set with agar powder or strips, but you can use gelatin as well. The creamy versions can be made with regular milk, soy milk, almond milk, or just about any of the non-dairy milks you'd prefer. I don't have a specific recipe to offer, but a quick web search looking for an almond or tofu jelly recipe should yield a bounty to choose from. Clear or at least non-creamy versions can be made using fruit juice as well, and in mango, lychee, and strawberry flavor, even pineapple if you use canned juice. The little cups are just their version of our similar shelf stable jello cups, and popular with kids as lunch treats. If you can find an oriental food store nearby, they often have the package mixes for sale to make it, as well as the agar powder to make your own. If you do make your own, you can mold it just like you would regular jello, or in a larger pan and cut into shapes. It's not shelf stable, of course- but probably better for you.
LeBec F. March 7, 2019
thx lori. Funny, i made my personal ,teen , 'Gourmet Debut' with a chinese meal from the China book of the Time Lifecookbook series, in 1969. it was milk, gelatin, sugar, almond extract!
what i am seeking is different . in cantonese [boston region] bakeries and dimsum spots, it is known as 'Coconut Jelly'. if you turn upside down a cup of it, it will fall out in blobs because it has less agar or more coc. milk-than the usual Coconut jelly, which is jello-firm.
Lori T. March 7, 2019
Yes, that's it. They vary the texture by varying the amount of agar added. I've had it when it was soft like a pudding, and harder consistency akin to jello. Just about every part of China makes it, and it varies a lot depending on who and where it's made. They also tend to refer to it more as a tofu than a jello, so maybe if you look for it that way you will find a place to start. As I understand, you can make it with milk or non-dairy milk or juice you want, and any flavor you might like. My Korean neighbor used to use soy milk to make hers, and sometimes also did coconut milk.
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