How do I cook sprouted brown rice in a rice cooker?

I got a bag of Trader Joe's Sprouted Rice, which is a blend of sprouted brown rice with a bit of black and red rice. I have cooked brown and even black rice in my rice cooker before to great success, but I have never cooked sprouted brown rice. The suggested cook time on the bag is 30 minutes, which is between the times for brown and white rice. My cooker has only four options:
* White Rice
* Brown rice
* Steam cook
* Delay timer (which soaks the rice until cooking

Any suggestions? I would rather not use a pot on the stove.

Dea Henrich


Susan W. August 30, 2015
I agree with cv. I sprout my own beans (never thought to sprout rice) and the beans cook much quicker. Just be sure to keep your eye on it.
702551 August 30, 2015
I'd just use the brown rice setting and pull the plug a little early after you've tasted the rice for doneness.
Dea H. August 30, 2015
Thanks. I will give that a try.
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