Can I use "Hakubai" sticky rice?



LE B. January 12, 2016
w, i have been experimenting alot lately with sticky rice and coconut milk (and cardamom seeds!). I used a Japanese sushi rice/sweet rice/sticky rice, and it worked just fine. Ditto the only whole grain sticky rice, "Thai black rice" which is what I plan to use in the future, just because I'm 'new-leaf' cooking w/ whole grains instead of white rices and white flour. Your ultimate quantity of water may vary slightly between types of rice (and its age) but you often have to play with sticky rice prep.anyway!
Susan W. January 10, 2016
If I remember correctly, Thai sticky rice is long grain, while Hakubai is short (love that rice), but I think it will work. I am clueless about the coconut. People often buy frozen coconut meat because fresh coconuts are a PITA. You can send Sarah a message by going to the recipe, clicking on her name and then click the envelope icon.

You could also Google the recipe by Naomi, the original author and see if you can pull up more information. I have two cookbooks by her, but not the one this recipe comes from.
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