Something different to do with Napa Cabbage?

I got a beautiful napa cabbage at the farmer's market this morning and I am looking for something to do with it that's different than the usual.

  • Posted by: MartiC
  • January 10, 2016


healthierkitchen January 13, 2016
Wendy F. January 12, 2016
Go to Pinterest and under Search type in
Asian Stuffed Napa Cabbage Rolls. They are easy to make and taste great!!!
Bevi January 12, 2016
This recipe is delicious and goes well with all sorts of meals:
I use napa although not specified and it is a beautiful slaw.
HalfPint January 11, 2016
My mother use to make a simple soup by simmering a cut of top round (sometimes called "london broil") until tender, then simmering the napa cabbage (halved), until it was tender as well. The broth was seasoned with only salt and black pepper. Cut up the beef and returned to the broth, but leave the napa intact. You picked off the leaves as you ate (family-style). Serve with rice and a main 'entree'. Nothing too exotic, but comforting and filling on a wintry evening.
amysarah January 11, 2016
This Vietnamese Crab "Coleslaw" is very good (I've subbed shrimp): Shredded Napa cabbage is also good in Asian noodle salads.
Exbruxelles January 11, 2016
I'm not sure what "the usual" is for you, but this is a great recipe:
Nancy January 11, 2016
cabbage and bowtie noodles (a traditional Jewish recipe)
Rakott Kaposzta (Hungarian layered cabbage)
QueenSashy January 10, 2016
This cabbage veloute is really nice, and quite different
LeBec F. January 10, 2016
okonomiyaki is my very fav use of napa. Look at Just One Cookbook's blog for exc. recipe. Pretty simple Japanese pancake...
MartiC January 10, 2016
Great idea - thanks. I'm going to make this tonight!
creamtea January 10, 2016
midge's Okonomiyaki was an early and popular contest winner at food52
Uncle J. January 10, 2016
Cut into bite sized pieces. Saute with an onion, some ham, some chopped sundried tomatoes (or whatever tasty bits you have in the fridge). Serve over spaghetti with lots of parm cheese.
aargersi January 10, 2016
Make kimchi! Homemade kimchi is the BEST!
702551 January 10, 2016
Homemade kimchi is great (I make it myself), but that suggestion is neither original nor unusual.

It would have been more helpful had MartiC mentioned what he/she normally made with Napa cabbage, so people here wouldn't suggest previously executed dishes. Alas, that information was not provided.

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aargersi January 11, 2016
It might not be unusual to you, but maybe it is to MartiC? Anyhow, let's try to be helpful and kind here and keep the snark to a minimum?
SeasonToTaste January 10, 2016
Crunchy Asian salad with sesame-lime dressing, kimchi, add to soups, stir fry with onions and curry powder or curry paste, dumplings, spring rolls....
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