Can I substitute napa cabbage for regular green cabbage in a casserole?



ddd135 April 6, 2022
You certainly can use napa cabbage instead of green cabbage but I think using Savoy cabbage or red cabbage would work even better because their leaves are just as tough as those of the green cabbage so they won't turn mushy. You could also use kale if you want to try something completely different.
Yogicfioodie October 28, 2012
You technically CAN, however, napa cabbage will get a lot more 'mushy' after baking then the regular cabbage. Texture will become something like steamed daikon. If you don't mind the texture, you absolutely can.
pierino October 28, 2012
There's cabbage and there's cabbage and then more cabbage. But pretty much most green cabbages can be substituted, one of another. Texture and flavour will differ but you are still pretty safe.
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