lemon bars

My staple lemon bar recipe is from Tartine's first cookbook. I'd like to try something new...maybe with some nuts in the crust...do you have any favorites you recommend?

Stephanie G


Stephanie G. January 14, 2016
Thank you Oldunc! That's exactly what I was looking for!
Smaug January 14, 2016
Thanks for helping me decide what to make for dessert. The pecan crust worked very well, I may write that one down.
Ben M. January 14, 2016
I just make Melissa Clark's lemon bars with olive oil on Sunday. No nuts in the crust but I am sure it is an easy adaption. It was a hit at my office. I used Meyer Lemons. Just use a good olive oil if you make them because you do taste it. Here is the link http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017141-lemon-bars-with-olive-oil-and-sea-salt
Smaug January 14, 2016
Don't know the Tartine recipe- I use a recipe from Maida Heatter ("Sour Lemon Squares) which is, of course, great, but no odd ingredients. One easy tweak is to use part lime, part lemon. Now that you mention it, maybe I'll try it with some nuts in the crust, it shouldn't be a hard adaptation. You could experiment with different sugars, too- a lightly sugared crust will show differences very well. Some nutmeg or mace in the crust can also have a nice effect.
Smaug January 14, 2016
I looked up the (or a) Tartine recipe, and it did list pine nuts as an option in the crust (1/2c. conf. sugar, 1 1/2c. flour, 3/4c. butter, opt 20z. pine nuts.) It also calls it a brown butter shortbread, but makes no mention of browning the butter- it does sound like a good idea. I have a pan cooling now of something I concocted; the crust is 2 1/4oz. butter, 3/4c. flour, 2 Tb. brown sugar, pinch of nutmeg, 2 oz. ground pecans (this is for an 8x8 pan, roughly half the 9x13 pan in the Tartine recipe). It's pretty similar to Linzer pastry, actually, and should work quite well.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 14, 2016
This recipe is delicious but my personal favorite is with a graham cracker crust. http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-heavenly-lemon-bars-with-almond-shortbread-crust-recipes-from-the-kitchn-191597
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