Can you recommend a substitute for ground almonds or matzo meal for making the base of a lemon bar for Passover?

Passover urgent question. For lemon bars, the base made with matzo meal is unpalatable. Have made it once with ground almonds, but maybe the pieces were not small enough? It just tasted like almonds and was a little gritty. Is there anything else that could be used that is Passover compatible to make the biscuit part of the lemon bars?



Cecilia March 28, 2017
I found some recipes for coconut flour shortbread with a simple google search. Perhaps that could serve as a base? You could also do a coconut flour/almond flour hybrid (a tip for the almond flour--look for blanched almond flour, which is much less gritty and more finely ground, and bakes very differently than almond meal).
Nancy March 27, 2017
Haven't done this yet myself but a couple ideas come together:
Bake as an upside down bar, with the lemon filling on the bottom and a few caramelized shhets of matzo on top.
Cut, invert and serve.
Or, make the lemon filling/custard and sugared crispy caramel matzo separately, then combine to serve.
fsamis March 27, 2017
chickpea flour, mixed with some ground almonds and matzo meal. lots and lots and lots of butter?
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