Seeds and nuts

Fancy energy bars are expensive! Who has a recipe?

  • Posted by: Nora
  • March 18, 2011


healthierkitchen March 19, 2011
I don't think Lara bars have any added sweetener - the fruit does the trick!
littleknitter March 18, 2011
You could also use brown rice syrup as a binder/sweetener - the syrup is less sweet than sugar and supposedly has a lower glycemic index. Dates are also great as hla says. They're pretty much the main ingredient of Lara bars. You can basically put dates in a blender and process till smooth, chop the nuts/seeds/dried fruit, then mix everything together (add other goodies like chocolate chips). Once everything is fully incorporated, shape into bars. Enjoy!
Blissful B. March 18, 2011
Nora, please post your recipe, once you've found a favorite blend. I love this idea.
Burnt O. March 18, 2011
You might need to add some honey as a binder, but all these suggestions are spot on.
Nora March 18, 2011
I think we're onto something here. Got get some chocolate in there, but that shouldn't be hard. A little coco powder will do the trick.

And I'd add some chia seed, my latest omega-3 source.
boulangere March 18, 2011
Include sesame seeds in your seeds, and some grain amaranth, though you'll need to cook and cool it first. Even some quinoa, though it needs to be cooked also. Sounds wonderful!
hardlikearmour March 18, 2011
I vote you add some dates into AJ's idea!
AntoniaJames March 18, 2011
Not sure if Lara bars are included in what you're looking for. Here's the recipe. Get some dried cherries, raisins, seeds and nuts. (You need the majority of the ingredients to be in the first two categories, for it to work.) Blitz in the food processor. Shape into little bars, pressing the mixture tightly together. Wrap in plastic wrap until ready to eat. Enjoy!
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