Stovetop smokers

Does anyone have any thoughts/recommendations/warnings about stove-top smokers?
I've never used (or even seen) one, but I just saw a recipe that uses it for salmon, and now I'm intrigued. Do they work? Are some brands better than others? Will it leave my whole house smelling like smoked fish or whatever? Any other things I should think about?

  • Posted by: TobiT
  • January 15, 2016


Sam1148 January 16, 2016
There's a product called 'a smoking gun'.

You tent the food after it's been cooked and smoke it before serving. The idea is that most of the smoke flavor is put on the food in the first 10 mins.

It won't smoke up your kitchen and you can use it for other things like smoking drink or cold things like salads or shashimi. Or bubbling the smoke through a bloody mary.
HalfPint January 15, 2016
Those stovetop smokers are great, but you will be generating smoke and it needs to go somewhere. So an overhead hood with good suction or a well vented area (like outside or a kitchen with open windows) is needed if you don't want the smell to stink up your home.

Btw, you can easily make your own stovetop smoker with a wok, wok cover, and any wire mesh or grating. I did this when I made the smoked bacon (from Fuchsia Dunlop).
Susan W. January 15, 2016
A friend of mine in San Francisco has one. He loves it. I think it's a Cuisinart, but I'll ask him. I vaguely remember he said they stopped making them, but I could be wrong. Max Burton makes a nice looking one. I'd go on Amazon and read some reviews.

My issue is that I have a very tiny closed off kitchen with a terrible vent hood. Joseph says the smoke stays in the smoker. He also has a very large kitchen with a very good vent hood. They do make an electric roaster/smoker that I was considering. I have outlets on my deck, so I would use it outside.
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