Best veggie-based hors d'oeuvre?

  • Posted by: Mollyh
  • January 16, 2016


Jona @. January 18, 2016
Ohhh the best and easiest one would be hummus with carrot sticks. Then I would have suggested rice paper rolls or spring rolls, which some people already mentioned. Olives are amazing as hors d'oeuvre, you could add oranges and leek or spring onions with lots of lemon juice and let them marinate. Beets are also nice, marinated with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I don't know it dates fit your requirements, but you can do some amazing stuff with them, like "stuff" them with goat cheese, or even just an almond and you have a nice appetizer. You can also cut cucumber rounds and top them with cheese or hummus and a pinch of sriracha sauce, they look really nice and taste great as well :)
Susan W. January 17, 2016
Rice paper salad rolls are fantastic and beautiful to look at. A little labor intensive with all the veggie prep. I can't tell if you mean all veggie, but they are especially tasty and beautiful when they contain a slice of prawn on the outer layer so you can see it through the rice paper.
luvcookbooks January 17, 2016
Cheese tortellini on toothpicks, vegetarian summer rolls or spring rolls, veggies w hummus and pita, beautiful cheese platter (not sure if you mean vegetables or vegetarian) w crudités and cheese accompaniments.
Sam1148 January 17, 2016
Endive with babaganoush pipped in with roasted red peppers on top.
Nancy January 16, 2016
Best?! These questions drive me crazy.
But one I like a lot is artichoke spreads, whether for use as dips or on top of bruschetta.
Mario Batali has a nice one with olives
And Rose Prince has one with arugula (rocket)
There are lots more out there, including versions of the bar snack spinach-artichoke dip.
LeBec F. January 16, 2016
gee molly, there's zillions of veg h.d. in this recent Appetizer contest! but they vary so much i hesitate to steer you until you get more specific (fresh veggies or cooked, pastry, filled h.d., skewers, bready or not, cheesy or not, spreads).............
Smaug January 16, 2016
Potato samosas.
SeasonToTaste January 16, 2016
Mushroom-pecan pate!
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