What's the best way to grill veggies like zucchini and red pepper on the grill, if you don't have aluminum foil or a basket type thing?

Have a lot of veggies and don't want them to fall through!

Will Geary


PazzoNico June 23, 2014
Agree with directly on the grill.
But would also like to add a small hack; cooling/baking rack (if you have one). Works like a charm. Just oil it well with towel/paper towels or cooking spray.
Jennifer June 23, 2014
Don't slice them at all, just put them on the grill whole
Horto June 23, 2014
i saw this somewhere!!! and tried it last night, shave lengthwise ribbons, thin 1/8". Toss in oil, season, fold r
them like ribbon candy, skewer, adding cherry tomato in between ribbons, get it? looks great
aargersi June 23, 2014
We grill them straight on as well - I slice them thicker than the openings between the grates so they don't fall through, and with veggies such as asparagus I set them crossways and roll rather than flip them while they cook.
JuneLee June 23, 2014
How about using skewers?
Bevi June 22, 2014
If you have sliced the vegetables lengthwise, it is easy to oil them, and then place them directly on the grill. Use tongs to turn them.
Will G. June 22, 2014
Thanks! We had already sliced them lengthwise, but ended up doing exactly that and just being careful with them.
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