I purchased some walnut oil and other than salad dressing what else can I use it for?



amysarah January 18, 2016
Patricia Wells' Sauteed Potatoes with Garlic and Walnut Oil (from Bistro Cookbook) is delicious: http://www.food.com/recipe/bistro-potatoes-sauteed-with-garlic-walnut-oil-372006

I know you said besides salad dressing, but a green salad tossed with a dressing of walnut oil/dijon/sherry vinegar/s&p and topped with ripe pear slices and shards of good Parmigiano Reggiano has been a go-t for me for decades. So good.

A small drizzle of walnut oil is also lovely on a bowl of a simple pureed winter squash soup (butternut and/or acorn squash or pumpkin or even sweet potato.) So is toasted pumpkin seed oil, which I also highly recommend!
luvcookbooks January 18, 2016
I love pasta w oil, Parmesan and black pepper. The walnut oil is delicious.
davis P. January 18, 2016
I use it to make simple omelettes, it adds a lovely, delicate flavor.
Greenstuff January 18, 2016
It's great on lentils and beans and my go-to whenever I cook fresh cranberry beans. Drain the lentils or beans when they are done and add the walnut oil while they are still warm. I press down on the beans, crushing them a bit to help get the flavor of the oil into them.
Robert G. January 18, 2016
I love using it to finish seafood when paired with a sauce that might have some citrus to it. Also, think about using it in lieu of olive oil in a non-basil pesto/pistou. Mix it with a higher smoking fat when making crepes, and it should add a lovely toasted note.
Jessica January 18, 2016
Pour it over vanilla ice cream. Amazing!
Nancy January 18, 2016
Use it to layer flavor in baked goods. Not so much as the primary fat, but yes as a finishing garnish to things like baklava or other desserts with nuts in them.
Good with blue cheese (in a crepe filling) or hard cheese, as a finishing oil, perhaps with some herbs or dried fruit scattered on top.
With apple, carrot, pear - raw or cooked.
Hope these ideas help.
SeasonToTaste January 18, 2016
Brilliant purchase. My favorite use is with toasted walnuts, sautéed greens (usually chard or kale) and garlic, pasta and pecorino cheese. Some will probably suggest reserving it for uncooked applications or "finishing," but it can really shine with some gentle heat in this dish. Sautéing the greens in walnut oil makes a whole that is so much more than the sum of the parts.
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