Walnut Oil substitute?

I want to make a salad dressing tonight that contains white wine vinegar, cider vinegar, olive oil and walnut oil, I don't have the walnut oil. Do you have any suggestions for a pantry staple substitute?



AntoniaJames March 30, 2011
Sounds like a really good salad, kcrose210!!
kcrose210 March 30, 2011
Thanks everyone, I just added more olive oil as the salad already had toasted walnut pieces in it
nutcakes March 29, 2011
Just use olive oil--add toasted walnuts to the salad. Grapeseed oil is nice but flavorless, the opposite of walnut oil. Of course if you have hazelnut oil...
Greenstuff March 29, 2011
Stockout (and others who are not allergic to walnuts): if you get a reputable brand of walnut oil and keep it in the refrigerator, you won't run as much of a risk of the oil going rancid as you think. A nice walnut oil is really a delight, with a flavor that you just can't get by simmering walnut meats. That said, if I wanted walnut oil and had none (and also had no other nut oils), I'd go with olive oil and consider adding a few toasted walnuts to my dish.
Stockout March 29, 2011
oh boulangere.... I never wanted to pop you. I just wanted to be scientific about it. Please forgive me. I am afterall, a bit of a PIA about things.
boulangere March 29, 2011
Just trying to be companionable! And maybe a little bit helpful.
Stockout March 29, 2011
If she was allergic to walnuts she should have said that, so I assume we were all under the assumption that she wanted the walnut falvor but did not have walnut oil.
boulangere March 29, 2011
I'm allergic to nuts, especially walnuts, so I'm always replacing as well. If you want something not as distinctive as olive oil (though that is a perfectly acceptable substitute), you might try grapeseed oil. It has its own nice richness, but is quite distinct from olive oil.
Stockout March 29, 2011
I always look at that container of walnut oil on the shelf of the oils for sale and I comtemplate the same thing I think everyone does....I only want to make a dressing once with it. Knowing it is an oil that degrades quickly, will I ever use that whole container of $10.00 oil before it smells, well, bad? I think if someone really wants to try it for that one special time, they can either simmer whole walnut meat in a non-flavorful oil or puree and sieve the oil from actual walnuts. Do you not agree with me?
Stockout March 29, 2011
I think that the essence of the walnut would be what you really want in a dressing. Does it matter that it is not a "fine" oil? or does it matter that the taste (or essence) of the walnut is what they are looking for when they concieve a dressing including it?
aeisenhowerturnbull March 29, 2011
I agree with Stockout. That could be a possible addition, not sure how much oil walnuts produce on their own though. isn't there usually heat involved? Maybe you could make your own olive oil infused with walnuts by sauteing walnuts in vegetable oil and pulling the flavor out that way...
Stockout March 29, 2011
Why not just puree walnuts and using an immersion blender puree it and force it through a fine sieve. I honestly do not know of a comparable replacement for walnut oil, it is that distictive.
cookbookchick March 29, 2011
Oops! Just noticed you said salad dressing!
cookbookchick March 29, 2011
Just olive oil would be fine if you have no other nut oils. Add a teaspoon or more of Dijon mustard for extra good flavor. The mustard will also help to emulsify your oil and vinegar. Interesting that your recipe calls for two different vinegars as well as two different oils. What type of dish is this vinaigrette for?
kcrose210 March 29, 2011
thanks! that is what i was planning on
drbabs March 29, 2011
You could just use more olive oil.
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