how to store a tube of harissa?

i bought a tube of harissa and used just a little bit. now how do i store it-in refrig. cool pantry or wherever.

  • Posted by: alienor
  • January 18, 2016


Niknud January 20, 2016
I like to add a little slick of oil over the top to keep it from getting exposed to the air. It keeps that top layer from drying out. Then you can either stir it into the harissa or just pour it off and put it on your eggs or tuna salad....
702551 January 20, 2016
Isn't that a little fussy for a metal tube?
Niknud January 21, 2016
Phew. Cv, I owe you some thanks for prompting me to go back and re-read the question more carefully. I agree, it would be a extraordinarily fussy (not to mention hysterical) for me to try add a slick of oil over the top of some harissa already in a metal tube. How do you think one does that, exactly? Apologies to the community for not pointing out that, when I talked about saving harissa, I was referring to the jar I keep in the fridge when I make a homemade batch or get some in a jar from the store when I by it ready made. On closer examination of the question, I also realized that I never answered the question directly about whether or not to keep it in the fridge. Jeez. If I'm not more careful, the editors might make me a 'not-very trusted home cook.' Good thing you're keeping a sharp eye out for slackers and ne'er-do-wells!.
Susan W. January 21, 2016
When I read your reply and then CV's response, I chuckled out loud.
boymeetsgirlmeetsfood January 19, 2016
We pop ours in the fridge and it lasts for ages!
inpatskitchen January 18, 2016
Definitely keep it in the fridge.
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