Zhoug (zhug) - have too much, need ideas how to use up in a week

Shopping changed recipe plans. Couldn't find New Mexico and arbol chiles (dried) to make Harissa, so bought jalapenos (fresh) and made Zhoug. But this fresh green hot sauce has a much shorter life (about a week in fridge) compared to the Harissa from dried peppers (several months to a year).
Don't want to waste it.
So far I know about middle eastern stews, and can use it on steak and bean salad (just did that with good results).
Looked in recipes here and found fish tacos, miso sabich, egg salad & green beans as ideas.
More ideas welcome.
PS Another shopping note - on same excursion, found ALL of mason jars in Canadian Tire (big auto and hardware chain) sold out. Never saw that before. Guess more people are canning during this peak season, expecting pandemic and grocery shortages to continue.

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • August 13, 2020


Nancy August 21, 2020
Real world report. Froze half the batch for futures, left half in the fridge for immediate use.
The zhug went very well with eggs (shakshuka and egg salad), meats and starchy vegetables (roasting potatoes and sweet potatoes).
The zhug guacamole was ok but not (yet) outstanding. It needs tinkering.
creamtea August 13, 2020
I was going to say, how about freezing it. I think that would work well.
For uses: addition to shakshouka, or with simple fried or scrambled eggs. Mix into mashed avocado for a "Yemenite" - leaning guac. Drizzle into felafel. Stir a spoonful or more into mayo for a grilled chicken cutlet (or pargiot) sandwich. Would be a beautiful mix-in with roasted potatoes--cubed regular size or fingerling--either on it's own or in the mayonnaise base, per your preference!
Nancy August 13, 2020
creamtea - Thanks, these sound good...
Never would have thought of the Yemenite guac, or the potatoes. Will try those first, Nancy
Nancy August 13, 2020
Ok, maybe i panicked or only used one source that said maximum one week.
Now I see others say max 2 weeks in fridge, maybe a couple months in freezer.

I still would like your usage ideas, even now I have more time to use the sauce.
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